Light Haulage Services Throughout the UK

For businesses in Dorset, it's essential that you have a reliable delivery services to get your good from A to B in a timely fashion. That's why you should choose Scolliams Haulage when you have stock to transport, whether it's a pallet's worth of materials or a smaller amount of stock.

Our light haulage delivery services are also suitable for Christchurch residents who need to send items to online buyers, for example, if you're an eBay or Etsy seller reliant on efficiency for good feedback. Trust us to guarantee safe and prompt delivery for handmade items, as well as larger, commercial goods. Our only requirement is that your non-hazardous delivery fits in our van, so if you're unsure, it's always worth speaking to our team directly.

Large items

Have you got a large item that needs prompt delivery? Our friendly & reliable service can help. We're based in Christchurch, Dorset, but we can deliver your large item across the UK. Don't worry about heavy materials - we'll get the job done!

Commercial storage

Our storage facilities are extremely secure, making Scolliams Haulage the go-to goods storage service. We'll keep any business stock in our secure and monitored storage space, with access only allowed per your request.

Storage for homeowners

Moving home, or simply need a space that will keep your excess belongings or furniture for a temporary period? Let our team know. We'll ensure that your possessions are kept safe in our secure storage facility for homeowners.

For Light Haulage Services throughout the UK

Feel free to get in touch with Scolliams Haulage for more information